Water Purifier

Kitchen water purifier   ORI-T-CA

Cartirdge: Diatom Ceramic/Ceramic+Mineralized balls /CTO/UF/Optional cartridge
Applicable Water Temperature: 5-45℃
Water Pressure: 0.1Mpa-0.3Mpa
Material: stainless steel 304
Color: customization
Type: Steel faucet water purifier
Filtering Precision: 0.15 micron
Water Flow: 120-380L/H
Removes: Rust /Algae/ Worms/Sediment / Dusts/ Colloids Parasites Bacteria
Packing specification: 320*130*130mm
Service: OEM ODM
Product Details

Product Features

Stainless steel 304 body

Cartridge can be optional

Diatom Ceramic cartridge&Mineralizedballs+CTO/UF/ceramic

Diatom Ceramic cartridge can be cleanedmanually

Mineralized balls are composed of a varietyof natural beneficial minerals. They can continuously dissolve trace elementsand constants that are beneficial to human health. Usually, some trace elementsare necessary for our bodies, and they have better health effects on our bodies

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