Water Purifier

Kitchen UV water purifier  ORI-K-UV

Cartirdge: PP+GAC+CTO+UF+UV
Applicable Water Temperature: 5-45℃
Water Pressure: 0.1Mpa-0.4Mpa
Material: stainless steel 304
Type: UV water purifier
Filtering Precision: 0.01 micron
Dimension: 330*80*375mm
Water Flow: 30L/H
Removes: Rust /Algae/ Worms/Sediment / Dusts/ Colloids Parasites Bacteria
Installation: Under sink/Wall-mounted
Service: OEM ODM
Package: Carton/customized
Applicable water sources: Tap water
Product Details

Product Features

100%confirmed drinkable water

Five-stagefiltration     Deep purification

Clean& Pure       Without residualchlorine

UVinstant sterilization360°irradiationwithout any dead angle.

Noplace for viruses to escape.

Withoutresidual chlorine,Rich in beneficial minerals

Effectiveinhibition of bacterium growing in pipelines from all directions

Convenientinstallation& Saving Time, Effort and Space

Physicalfiltration, no need of electricity, safe and power saving


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