Water Purifier

Ceramic filter element /Ceramic cartridge

Material: ceramic
Color: White
Type: Ceramic filter element
Filtering Precision: 0.15/0.2 micron
Dimension: Customized
Working pressure: 0.1Mpa-0.4Mpa
Working temperature: 5-45℃
Length: Customized
Service time: One years
Product Details

Product introduction

Ceramics have small and complex porestructure and are ideal filtration media. It is a filter of natural materials.It uses small aperture medium to filter out sediments, suspended particles,pathogenic bacteria, etc. Ceramic filter element can be cleaned manually andreused; and it is not easy to blocking in the process of use. Unlikeultrafiltration membrane or RO membrane, deep pollution and void plugging may occur,which may lead to secondary pollution.

Product feature

Simplicity of use and acceptability

Acid and alkali resistance

The material is natural and won't causesecondary pollution

Ceramic filter has a long using life, canbe cleaned manually and allows reuse;

The filters do not remove any beneficialto health minerals from the water

Pore structure down to 0.2/0.15micronsoffers highly effective barrier to particles and pathogens, reducing ofdiarrheal disease incidence for users;

Product    information


Ceramic filter element

Working pressure




      Working temperature





Filtering bacteria, impurities

Service time

One year


Can be washed manually and reused



       Customized   service

Ceramic composite filter element can be customized

Filtering precision

0.15/0.2 micron




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