Water Purifier

Composite filter cartridge

Material: Descaling scale sphere ,Maifanstone ceramic ball & Calcium sulfite balls,etc
Type: Composite filter cartridge
Working pressure: 0.1Mpa-0.4Mpa
Working temperature: 5-45℃
Service: OEM
Product Details

Product introduction

The composite filter cartridge iscustomized depend on the requirements of customers and local water quality .Thecommon materials are descaling scale sphere ,maifanstone ceramic ball & calciumsulfite balls,etc .

Composite filter element is a kind offilter element customized for customers according to the factors such as waterquality in different places and water demand of customers. Commonly usedmaterials are: molecule spheres for scale removal, Maifanshi ceramic spheres,calcium sulfite spheres, etc.

Product features

Filtration materials can be selected andmatched freely according to water quality

It can remove scale and adjust PH value inwater

It can increase the minerals whichbeneficial to human body in water

The effect of removing residual chlorineis obvious

Rich in filter materials to meet all water need

Descaling molecular sphere

Ithas the function of inhibiting and removing scale

Maifanstone ceramic ball

Ithas the function of good dissolution ,mineralization ,biological activity andbidirectional adjustment of PH value & elements in water

Calcium sulfite pellets

Caneffectively remove residual chlorine in water and extremely fast reaction time,0.8 second can effectively remove more than 99% of residual chlorine.

Product    information


Composite filter cartridge

Working pressure



Descaling scale sphere ,Maifanstone ceramic   ball & Calcium sulfite balls,etc .

Working temperature






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